Available Rebates

Various financial assistance programs can help with the cost of renovation projects that improve energy efficiency.


This Quebec government program aims to help you make your home more comfortable and more energy efficient by providing sound advice and financial assistance (when you meet certain eligibility criteria).

Eligible energy sources:

  • Geothermal
  • Heat Pump
  • Heating System
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This Quebec government program offers financial assistance to replace oil heating systems with a more efficient and more environmentally friendly one (see below).

Eligible energy sources:

  • Replacement of an oil heating system or one using any other fossil fuel, with the exception of natural gas.
  • Replacement of an oil water heater or one using any other fossil fuel, with the exception of natural gas.

It is important to note that you must register for the program before any work begins.

Rate DT for Residential Customers

This program offers a special rate to Hydro-Québec customers with a dual-energy system (i.e., one that uses both electricity and a fuel, usually oil).

Eligible energy sources: Dual-energy forced-air systems:

  • An integrated dual-energy forced-air furnace, or a fuel-burning appliance incorporating electric heating elements.
    • A fuel-fired forced-air furnace coupled with a central heat pump.
    • A fuel-fired forced-air furnace coupled with electric heating elements.
  • Dual-energy hot water systems combining a fuel boiler and an electric boiler.
Natural Resources Canada - clients outside Quebec

For a list of Canada’s energy efficiency grants, look at the directory of Energy Efficiency Programs for Homes.